Wedding Dances

To complete your perfect day… why not have the perfect wedding dance.


Choreographed dances include

  • Short phone consultation to establish your needs

  • Video demonstration of your choreographed wedding dance to assist you to learn faster

  • Written breakdown of your choreographed wedding dance to assist you to learn faster



$80 for Choreography & Music selection (if needed)

$60 per 60 minute lesson with Stefan

$80 per 60 minute lesson with both Stefan & Joanna

From brand new beginners with two left feet, to more experienced dancers, Stefan can choreograph a wedding dance to suit your level and style. Choose your favorite easy to dance to track, or have Stefan offer his knowledge in choosing the right song for you. Don’t leave it to the last minute, contact Stefan now to assist you with your special day.

“We approached Stefan to help us to develop our wedding dance. Rather than tell us what to do Stefan asked us to think about what moves we wanted, so the dance could represent us not him. Once we had roughed out our sequence Stefan and Jo then worked with us to refine it and develop a flowing arrangement, to incorporate a few highlights and polish the styling. The result was something that we owned, were comfortable with and enjoyed performing.

Our heartfelt thanks to Stefan and Jo for guiding us, rather than instructing us.”
— Bruce & Sylvia