Welcome Pass

$15 for your first 2 consecutive classes

$20 for couples ($10 each) - 1x follow & 1x lead - for their first 2 consecutive classes

*For first time beginners to Modern Jive or one of Stefan’s dance classes

Casual pricing

$15 Adults

$8 Students (18 & under)

Monthly Pass

$45 for a 4 week month
- a saving of $15

$60 for a 5 week month
- a saving of $15

Information about the monthly pass:

  • This allows you to pay up front for a months worth of consecutive classes, while saving both money and time when checking in.

  • Only runs from the start to the end of one month e.g. a April pass runs for April and a May pass runs for May etc.

  • Two different monthly different prices depending if it is a four or five week month. 5 week month = $60, 4 week month = $45 - a saving of $15.

  • Is non refundable if you miss a lesson.


Payments are available by cash or internet banking



Motueka Memorial Hall - 8 Pah Street, Motueka