Frequently Asked Questions

Modern Jive is a popular, easy to learn partner dance style.

Due to the smooth and simple footwork, it can be danced to a diverse range of music from old classics to today hits. Modern Jive takes influence from many dance styles including: Jive, Salsa, Tango, Ballroom and Rock & Roll.

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Do i need to bring a partner:

  • While it is always great to bring someone along with you, partners are not essential. Our classes are rotational, so that you get to dance with dancers of all levels.

    Rotating around the class allows you to learn faster and make new friends. If you have a partner and do not want to rotate, please contact us to discuss how we can accommodate you.


What do i need to bring to class:

  • Clothes that you are comfortable dancing in, appropriate shoes that have non grip smooth soles. A water bottle and a fun ready to learn attitude.


What kind of footwear is suitable:

  • Men - a comfortable lace up shoe that you can move around easily in.
    In the future you may want to put leather/suede on the bottom of your footwear to move more easily.

  • Ladies - a comfortable shoe that gives you good support in your heel/ankle.
    Options include a closed shoe/open sandal/or with a heel (harder to balance).
    You will want your shoe to allow you to easily pivot/spin when you are turning.

About classes

Can i attend/join classes at anytime during the year:

  • Yes you can, if you miss our first class back or are joining later in the year, you can start at anytime. We do not run block courses, this means that you can start Modern Jive on any Tuesday evening during the year.


What is freestyle dancing:

  • After class we play music and have freestyle dancing, this is a great time to be social, dance with your fellow dancers and practice your new dance moves that you have just learnt.


Class structure:

  • In a class we begin with a brief warm up. We will then teach you the basics of Modern Jive, these include how to either lead or follow.

    We teach 3 moves during a class (one of these is a repeat move from the previous week), as well as how to join them together. This means that by the end of the evening you will be able to repeat them continuously, so you will be able to dance to an entire song after just one lesson !!!


What is the Techniques class:

  • In this class we build on the foundations of our beginner class, to improve your technique as well as provide variations to the beginner moves. You need to attend beginner classes before attending this class.



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